Turkish-Armenian Breakthrough

A new path for Turkish-Armenian relations?An update from the International Crisis Group, written by Hugh Pope, gives hope for a long-overdue settlement to Turkish-Armenian realtions. Pope writes:

“It’s been a long time coming, but Turkey and Armenia’s vow on 31 August to establish diplomatic relations, open their long-closed border and begin to talk seriously about the past is excellent news. As laid out in our 14 April report Turkey and Armenia: Opening Minds, Opening Borders, normalisation between Turkey and Armenia will benefit not just the bilateral relationship. If successful, it could win back for Turkey and its AKP government much of their recently faded prestige as domestic reformers, as regional peace-makers and as a country seriously intending to push forward with its accession process to the European Union…”

For much more on this, go to the International Crisis Group website.

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