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A Little Tour The World Over

ep22HIXLTcover4-4e225b8991[1]Some years ago the American poet H.L. Hix and I had a brief conversation about translating the Turkish poet Ilhan Berk. Now I’m delighted to see our short exchange gathered in a new anthology, editied by H.L. Hix, The World Over: Translators Speak on New Poetry in Translation. The entire book can be downloaded free of charge as a pdf or read online at ESSAY PRESS.

A wonderful companion to The World Over is John Taylor’s A Little Tour through European Poetry (Transaction, 2014), a perceptive collection of essays which includes a piece on some of my recent translations of Turkish women poets, titled “A Panorama of Turkish Love Poetry: Birhan Keskin and Other Contemporary Women Poets”.8871[1]


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Gonca Özmen in Shearsman 100

Shearsman 99/100Shearsman Magazine’s next double issue will be its 100th. This issue contains poetry by Gabrielle Alioth, Martin Anderson, James Bell, Linda Black, Rosie Breese, Geraldine Clarkson, Ken Cockburn & Alec Finlay, Claire Crowther, Makyla Curtis, Harry Guest, Gary Hotham, David Kennedy, Peter Larkin, Mary Leader, Yann Lovelock, Becka Mara McKay, Christopher Middleton, Helen Moore, Sonia Overall, Simon Perchik, Peter Riley, Alexandra Sashe, Hilda Sheehan & translations of Gastón Baquero by Peter Boyle, of Ivano Fermini by Ian Seed, and of Gonca Özmen by George Messo.

For more info & to order your copy, go to the newly designed Shearsman website here.

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George Messo and his Authors

George Messo[1]Here is a very short interview with me talking about translation on the Authors & Translators blog. Click the link for more.

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Coming soon…

Turkish Poetry Today 2013From July 1 the debut issue of Turkish Poetry Today is in more than 100 online bookstores worldwide. Edited by George Messo, with Senol Bezci, Fahri Oz and T. Kenny Fountain. The 2013 issue includes poems by Bejan Matur, Zeynep Koylu, Necmi Zeka, Melih Cevdet Anday, Polat Onat, and Murathan Mungan, in translations by Ruth Christie, Mel Kenne, Sidney Wade, and more, all side-by-side with the Turkish originals. 150 pages of stunning, vital poetry.

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Updates: Reviews, Poems & Translation Rules

With my translated anthology İkinci Yeni: The Turkish Avant-Garde on the Popescu Prize shortlist last year, I was asked to write a few “rules” for the blog Arab Literature. You can read my contribution by following the link here.

The 2011 Popescu Prize went to Judith Wilkinson for her remarkable translations from the Dutch of Toon Tellegen. My review of her award winning book can be found online at the website of World Literature Today.

Alev Adil‘s informed review of İkinci Yeni: The Turkish Avant-Garde also appeared last year in Modern Poetry in Translation and is available online here.

And finally, a poem from my translated selection of Gonca Özmen‘s poems, The Sea Within, can be viewed on the blog of the literary journal Absinthe.

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Book News: Kış gününde Akdenizli bir şiir

“Londra’da yarından sonraki sabah. Hava bugünkü gibi buz. Sıcak limonlu çay da dumanı tüten sütlü kahve de faydasız. İçe işliyor soğuk. Köşeleri kapan küçük kitabevlerinden birine girip Akdenizli bir şiir bulmalı.

Şair Gonca Özmen’in The Sea Within (İçerdeki Deniz) ismiyle Shearsman Yayınevi tarafından basılan Akdeniz iklimli kitabı 15 Şubat itibarıyla İngiltere’de. Harflerinin kıyısına köşesine bozkır sıcağı işlemiş Kuytumda’dan 4, İstanbul mevsimli Belki Sessiz’den 24 şiir var kitapta. Çeviriler George Messo’ya ait.”

To read more follow the link to Jülide Karahan‘s article in Zaman Pazar.

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Gonca Özmen

In just two short books, Gonca Özmen‘s startling and arresting poems have earned her an unprecedented reputation in Turkey. Her mysterious, dream-like imagery and her fresh, restless approach to language mark her as a poet of rare ambition and intelligence. In poems whose power to mourn and remember love, to celebrate and reinvent the sensuous appetites of the body, enacts a subtle, exacting beauty, Özmen‘s is a voice and spirit to be welcomed.
With poems from all of Gonca Özmen‘s published work, The Sea Within introduces us to one of Turkey’s most significant young poets.

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