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Gonca Özmen in Shearsman 100

Shearsman 99/100Shearsman Magazine’s next double issue will be its 100th. This issue contains poetry by Gabrielle Alioth, Martin Anderson, James Bell, Linda Black, Rosie Breese, Geraldine Clarkson, Ken Cockburn & Alec Finlay, Claire Crowther, Makyla Curtis, Harry Guest, Gary Hotham, David Kennedy, Peter Larkin, Mary Leader, Yann Lovelock, Becka Mara McKay, Christopher Middleton, Helen Moore, Sonia Overall, Simon Perchik, Peter Riley, Alexandra Sashe, Hilda Sheehan & translations of Gastón Baquero by Peter Boyle, of Ivano Fermini by Ian Seed, and of Gonca Özmen by George Messo.

For more info & to order your copy, go to the newly designed Shearsman website here.


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Violades & Appledown














And here, where forest entrails spill
into winter light, you find me, straying
out from the forest’s dark memory…

Itinerant Hebrew poet David Vogel, Arctic explorer Samuel Hearne and surveyor David Thompson are among the lost voices re-presenced in George Messo’s enigmatic new book, Violades & Appledown.

Messo’s vivid reinvention of history and tradition passes through explorations of fractured time and the timelessness of memory into a powerfully realized present of ever changing perspectives, mindful of its journey out of the past.



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